Why a D.I.Y. Project is a D.O.N.’T. Project

DIY culture has inspired homeowners to embark on Do It Yourself projects that span from big projects like putting in tile flooring and removing wallpaper to small ones like making a backsplash and installing a sink. But what Instagram and HGTV don’t share are the serious cons DIYs have.

DIY Pros 

  1. You don’t have to hire someone for the job.

Obviously, doing the project yourself saves you the labor cost. However, not hiring a professional means there are innumerable details that may go wrong along the way, ending up costing you more than simply hiring someone in the first place.

  1. You can tell your friends you did the project yourself.

It’s always nice to be able to point at a big project and be like, “Yes, I did that myself.” But… sorry to break this to you… they could probably already tell.

  1. …Nope, that’s about it…

DIY Cons

  1. It is not as cost-effective as you think.

About to attempt a project for the first time? Get ready for a lot of trips to Home Depot. I mean a LOT of trips. When you start out, you won’t have a good understanding of what tools, skills, and supplies every step of the process is going to require. When you hire a professional for the job, they have already taken into account every detail that goes into the project… all of the tools and supplies plus the cost of the whole package. Not to mention DIY projects are usually not as long-lasting as professional work, which means you will be back to square one before you know it.

  1. It can go horribly wrong.

DIY projects, especially those that require a good bit of construction, require proficiency in math – you have to perfectly measure spaces or even re-engineer the configurations of rooms. For flooring jobs, designers know they must be able to accurately calculate not only the square footage of the space, but all the components needed on the underside, including grout, caulk, and screws. They have to understand the mechanics of a house, including electrical and plumbing. Attempting to juggle all of this as a novice can cause serious problems that will cost you.

  1. It won’t look professional.

Hiring a professional designer gives you access to up-to-date designs and trends. They can advise you on how to identify fads as opposed to style choices that will be popular and modern-looking long-term. Designers can help you sift through the countless options when it comes to design choices and give you a professional result.

  1. It takes longer.

I assume if you are considering a DIY project that you have some extra time on your hands and are looking to fill it up. If you are looking to remodel a space in your home, you chose the right project to take up that free time. Many DIY projects will not only reach but exceed your expectations.

Many DIY projects start strong; you may spend a full weekend getting started. But when Monday hits, you are exhausted and are not interested in doing more work after getting home from your 9-5. The week passes, maybe you add a detail here or there or even complete a whole step. But you have plans next weekend and can’t get in that solid 48 hours of work. Soon a month has passed, you are surrounded by tools and supplies and are no closer to finishing the project than you were after that first week. You hire someone to complete the remodel (after they undo what you have already accomplished, of course).

Huge bummer, right! This isn’t always the story, but it certainly is in many cases, especially if the DIYer doesn’t have construction experience. Before sacrificing your nights and weekends and a good bit of cash, consider hiring. Your home is worth it.