Custom Homes

Custom Home Building the Lael Homes Way

With every custom home built, Lael Homes embraces a strong commitment to meeting, and then exceeding, the expectations of the families with whom they work.

This is not just a business relationship.

The relationship between a builder and interior designer and the families they serve is a deeply personal, long-lasting relationship. After all, you’re entrusting your home to someone else! And your dreams! And your vision! It’s a responsibility that the Lael Homes team embraces. It’s the Lael Homes difference that has enabled them to be in business for over 30 years!

Lael Homes Custom Homes are built on the foundation of:

  • Communication: Open communication is one of the most important tools in the toolbox. The Lael Homes team believes in transparent communication, and provides their clients with honest answers during each stage of the building process.
  • Integrity: Lael isn’t just the name of a business – it’s a family name. And when Andrew and Kelly put their name behind something, they do it with integrity and commitment. They can be trusted to do the job correctly because if it’s not something they would accept for themselves, it’s not good enough for their clients either.
  • Service: The Laels’ one-stop solution means going the first, then the second mile for their clients. They don’t want the custom build or remodeling project to be a source of frustration. This is an exciting and fun time! Because of their service-minded approach, clients can enjoy the process and trust the Laels’ expertise!

New Home Construction in the Clemmons, NC Area

New home construction is both exciting and overwhelming! Because you want your home to be structurally sound, well-constructed, and functional, it’s important to work with a home builder who can listen and has the expertise to build a new home from the ground up. While people generally spend more time looking at what’s inside a house, the Laels know that the materials and design of the exterior components matter too.

In the process of dreaming of a custom home, few people ponder the color of the shingles and whether they will match the shutters. But the Laels can keep their clients on track with one-stop shopping solutions that bring the options to the table without being overwhelming.

Lael Homes offers custom home construction! Lael Homes offers much more than a standard home design. They have over 30 years of experience in making exceptional, one-of-a-kind custom homes! Lael Homes’ version of custom isn’t a “kit” with optional add-ons. Custom is custom! Lael Homes works with clients from design to completion and is there through every step of the process.

Lael Homes understands that their clients want two things out of their custom homes:

  • An exterior and structure that is beautiful, built to last, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • An interior that reflects the family’s style and personality.


The team at Lael Homes knows what it takes to build a custom home. With a home builder and interior designer at the helm, you can trust that all the details will be covered.

Lael Homes offers custom built homes with a comprehensive, one-stop-shopping solution that can save you both time and money!