Kitchen Remodeling in Clemmons, NC

Creating the Dream Kitchen for Clemmons Homes

Kitchen remodels usually begin with a specific aim: whether to modernize the space or to get more functionality out of the square footage. Sometimes that aim even involves an expansion to the kitchen and bath.

You’d be surprised what you can accomplish just by updating the kitchen cabinets.

Our experience in interior design and building custom homes has spanned decades, and in that time we’ve built a reliable methodology for crafting the kitchens of our customers’ dreams.

Home Improvements That Add Value for North Carolina Homeowners

Homeowners are often curious about the types of remodels that add value to their home. Some remodels are worth the investment purely because of the lifestyle improvement they carry, or the satisfaction the new look creates every day.

But any time these upgrades also directly improve how much the home could be sold for — whether that’s an immediate plan or not — it makes taking that step more straightforward.

A few stand out kitchen remodels that can add value:

  • Upgrading the kitchen cabinets
  • Upgrading the kitchen counters and sink
  • Adding a kitchen island
  • Modernizing electrical outlets for our various devices
  • Improving the lighting, whether in ceilings or by adding under-lighting to cabinets
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The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

The kitchen is often where a family makes their plans, sits at the table to talk or study, cook meals, and finalize getting ready in the morning or throughout the day.

Of all the places to remodel, kitchens often carry the biggest “bang for the buck” because of this.

Read a little here about how to prepare for a kitchen remodel.

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Here you can browse supplies you can use in your next remodel, talk to an expert about what to expect and what to look out for, or get a consult for your kitchen remodel project.

Our goal is to allow customers to call and schedule appointments for a one-on-one session with one of our remodel experts, where they can:

  • Ask questions about materials, design choices, and timelines
  • Get advice about the best places to start and how various options compare
  • Begin building an estimate for their kitchen remodel (where Lael Homes would do the remodel)
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