What Is It About the Open Floor Plan that People Love?

Gorgeous wood grain interiors

The open floor plan trend has become such a staple in new construction and remodeling projects — it’s something that homeowners have grown to love. And what’s not to love? Other than reduced privacy and a bit more noise, the open floor plan has way more pros than cons. There are many reasons to love the open them and at Lael Homes, we love them too! Some of those reasons include:

  • Natural light. Natural light is proven to increase productivity and improve your mood.
  • Create a sense of community within the home. It allows for better conversation within living areas.
  • That sense of community gives more opportunity for fun when family and friends get together.
  • Your home feels larger when interior walls are removed and space is more laid out.
  • That larger space gives more opportunity for flexibility and creative use…  this is an especially great benefit for those who like to rearrange furniture every so often!
  • They lend themselves to modern decor and modern kitchens.
  • Higher resale value. The trend of open floor plans is in such demand that sellers can sell their house for more.
  • Aging in place. Without additional walls and transitional spaces, it’s easier for elderly people to stay in their homes.

Open floor plans aren’t for everyone, but if you’re interested in converting a space, call Lael Homes for a consultation and learn about the options!