What is Grandmillennial?

Lael Homes what is grandmillennial?

You may have recently heard the newly coined term, “grandmillennial” and wondered — “HUH?”

This mashed-up term is, as the name implies, a mix of grandmother’s style and the millennial generation. Grandmillennial celebrates the finer things of yesteryear — Laura Ashley, ruffles, florals, needlepoint, and dare we say it? Doilies.

While the look isn’t for everyone, it is a trend to keep an eye on…. Especially as influencers in their 20s and 30s continue to embrace the look. Whoever said nostalgia went out of style? These millennials are embracing it. It’s an appreciation for the bygone era, and for those who love antiquities, their sentimental hearts are overjoyed by the trend.

The grandmillennial look is actually a wonderful way to showcase personality in a space. It’s not about clutter, but it’s about adding interesting pieces that hold sentimental value or simply an appreciation for the past.

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