What Is A Custom Home Builder?

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A lot of homes are built in groups by developers using templates. The upside of that is that the developer is able to utilize pre-made designs that are proven to appeal, and because there are minimal changes needed in any given home, many homes can be built efficiently and relatively quickly.

However, this can be troublesome for home buyers that want something unique, something that truly feels theirs each day.

This is where a custom home builder comes in. We can take a buyer’s blueprints and plans and make them a reality, starting from the plot of land all the way to walking in the front door and calling it home.

Unlike a production developer, a custom home builder is not building in bulk. Each project can then receive dedicated care. That care starts with the planning process, where it’s just as important that the builder asks the buyer questions and can make suggestions about the best paths forward.

Sometimes that means recommending for or against certain materials, pointing out upgrades that can add value or make the home incrementally more comfortable.

As custom builders, we see ourselves as a resource for our clients. Our role is to hear their vision and lend our expertise, preventing snags or unexpected reactions later. Our experience means we know what to look out for, which elements of a luxury home add the most value, and which things when avoided can detract from the experience.

One example of that latter point is in the subflooring. Often production builders will opt for bare minimum padding beneath hardwood floors, which can mean when someone walks across the room things in cabinets shake or move. This gives the home a cheap feel that really works against the other elements of the space. Knowing to look out for that and recommending incremental improvements to padding in this case goes a long way toward quiet, sturdy floors and a finished sense that the home is well-built.

This helps buyers set real priorities, and pull the trigger with clear expectations of how their home will function and when they can realistically move in.

Custom Builders With A Powerful Team

Lael Homes is led by a husband and wife team — Andrew, an experienced builder and remodeler — and Kelly, an interior designer.

This technical knowledge alongside a keen eye for what creates a stellar living space informs each custom build the team is involved with.

Years of doing high-end home remodels have also left Andrew with the patterns of the types of upgrades homeowners tend to make after a certain number of years. This helps inform new custom builds, because knowing the types of things people eventually opt to have in their kitchens or bathrooms allows for better recommendations earlier on.

Even if those amenities won’t be in the initial build, it’s easier to plan certain rooms knowing changes that might be made in time rather than making them work later.