Uneven Counter Tops & The Cost of Shoddy Remodels

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When counter tops and cabinets aren’t installed correctly it can cause unevenness, but the issues go further than that simple statement of fact.

Remodelers know that the customer would never be ok with uneven counter tops, so their next step is to use shims underneath parts of the counters to even it up. Done deal, right?

Visually, it works for the most part. But here’s the thing.

A big part of where the strength of the counter tops come from is how they connect to the cabinetry under them. Ideally the connection points and numerous and as wide as possible.

Once you start using shims you lose a lot of that strength, both because the shims are narrow and because they’re not as strong as either of the two surfaces they’re joining.

When the counters aren’t properly supported, depending on the counter top material, you can see flexing or eventual cracks.

Our experience has been that precise measurements are of the utmost importance throughout, because if you shrug at one part being an eight of an inch off you’ll have to keep making adjustments on every other part going forward. Then you end up with a series of patch jobs throughout.

To some degree using shims can’t always be avoided since there are often imperfections in the fabrication of the materials.

But judicious use of the shims, and their thickness, can still make a difference versus the “fast” route.

Other Causes of Cracks in Counter Tops

Just because popular materials like granite are strong and durable doesn’t make them impervious to life happening. Repeated impacts or exposure to heat can also weaken the surface and cause cracks and chips.

While granite is certainly more resilient to having hot pots set on it than other cheaper counter top materials, that heat can still take its toll.

Sometimes we talk to families who are surprised at their damaged granite counter tops. They’d been told by a salesman at one point about the almost mythical durability of granite, and they bought it thinking it’d last a lifetime.

It can in ideal circumstances, but some retail locations may exaggerate the qualities of certain counter top materials to sell products, unfortunately.

Our Commitment To Meticulous, Quality Workmanship

Our reputation over the decades we’ve been building custom homes and doing high end remodels has come from our work ethic and our dedication to meticulous work.

It’s also why when we bid on jobs we’re often not the lowest, but in this line of work entertaining low bids is risky anyway. We try to respect the budgets of everyone we work with, but also ask homeowners to acknowledge that quality work takes time and involves the right materials.

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