The Best Time of Year for Remodeling

Woman wearing a toolbelt with a hammer and step ladder

The best time to remodel really boils down to when you’re ready to remodel. The remodeling process can happen in any season, though April through June tend to be the most popular (thus, busiest) months of the year. Let’s look at the options:

Winter (January – March)

While outdoor work may be less attractive in the winter months, it may be a great time to remodel a kitchen or bath, or even put in an addition. While the weather may be cold, it’s not as subject to rainy days that halt production.

Spring (April – June)

It’s not just the home buying season, it’s the home building season. It’s a great time to tackle additions and outdoor building projects because while the spring rains can be a little frustrating to navigate through, temperatures are generally moderate. Finishing these projects in the spring gives a home owner time to enjoy them in the summer!

Summer (July – September)

Bring on the heat because it’s cool in the kitchen! At least the guts of the kitchen where that remodeling project is underway! Summer heat may put the brakes on some outdoor work, but wouldn’t it be nice to leave your home in the capable hands of the professionals and leave for a much-deserved vacation?!

Fall (October – December)

Like winter, fall is a slower season for construction companies namely because families don’t want the upheaval of remodeling around Thanksgiving or Christmas. But if you are not one of those people… or if you travel to someone else’s home for the season, it’s a great time to get those projects checked off the list before the end of the year!

So really, any time of year is a good time to remodel. It’s up to you and your budget, lifestyle, and sense of urgency. Call Lael Homes at 336-462-6072 and learn more about the options!