Social Distancing on the Job Site

Protection and safety – two words that we’re living by during the coronavirus pandemic. Those two words are part of the normal vocabulary for those in the home renovation industry.

They are important words in any season. After all, we want our contractors to be safe for themselves, their families, and our business. We want our clients to be confident with our safety record. Our goal is to complete our work safely and exceed our clients’ expectations with minimal disruptions. And now, we want that more than ever.

Now, with the spread of the virus, we are even more vigilant in our practices. For instance:

  • Social Distancing is paramount. We are focused on adhering to the mandated social distancing guidelines.
  • We practice contact-free communication as much as possible. We utilize emailing, phoning, texting, and video conferencing to ensure communication with our clients is ongoing.
  • We provide electronic billing or can mail statements.
  • Our team members have fresh masks, gloves, and foot coverings available for interior job sites. Our tools are sanitized between jobs to ensure no cross-contamination.
  • For outdoor projects, social distancing is quite easy.
  • For indoor projects, clients typically are not in the same room while work is underway.
  • We tape-off workspace as a regular practice to avoid unnecessary dust/debris throughout the home.
  • No one works if they’re not feeling well or if a family member is sick.

As we all adjust to a new normal and continued social distancing to get back to work, trust that we want you, and our team, to continue to be safe and healthy.

We will get through this together!