Renovation Loans with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

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Very often, the thing that holds a homeowner back from remodeling, is the fear of affordability. While this is a valid concern, renovation loans are a very real possibility for those who want to make cosmetic changes to their home, or those for whom renovation is a necessity due to lifestyle and aging in place.

Paige Nance, a loan officer with Fairway and a member of the Sharpe Mortgage Team, specializes in renovation lending.

“Having gone through a home renovation myself, I understand the additional concerns and complications that are involved versus a home mortgage for a move-in-ready house,” said Paige. “Both kinds of loans can be overwhelming, but my job is to take the overwhelming away. I do this every day. And I love to help people. I know the joy of coming home to a renovated house that is reflective of me and my family. It’s a privilege to help others have the same opportunity.”

Paige continued to explain that Fairway has a dedicated renovation team to serve as liaisons between the homeowner, the construction company, and the lender. This puts the communication in the hands of those who talk the talk on both sides of the equation. It eliminates miscommunication and the sense of uncertainty that often happens when a homeowner tries to communicate something they don’t fully understand.

“We also plan for contingencies,” shared Paige. “We realize that when renovation begins, unseen issues may arise and so we are proactive on the front end. We really work with our clients from start to finish — making sure they understand the process. We have our team of recommended home building / remodeling professionals, including Lael Homes.”

A home renovation loan is different from a traditional home loan in many ways, but in others — the process still boils down to this… A great lender. At Lael Homes, we know and trust the team at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. We trust them and know that when we direct our clients their way — they are in great hands.

Contact Paige Nance (NMLS# 459836) at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation.
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