Removing Walls In A Home Remodel

Wall removal remodel featured shot

A kitchen or living room remodel doesn’t have to only be floors, counters, and cabinets. An upgrade that’s become very popular in recent years is opening up the space by removing walls.

It can have a pretty profound effect on the feel of your space, and in a kitchen can make entertaining far easier.

A great example of this is a recent project we worked on with a kitchen half wall right over the stove that separated the kitchen and living room. While it did function as a nice cooking nook originally, it also gave the kitchen a penned off setting.

Original kitchen with half wall.

Removing a wall isn’t always feasible if it’s a support wall that the roof or second floor is dependent on. Checking your home’s blueprints or architectural drawings is the place to begin to determine that.

In scenarios like this, though, dismantling the cabinets and removing the half wall is pretty straightforward.

Kitchen and living room remodel, mid-project.

This project also involved upgrading the lighting and creating a doorway to an adjacent room, which gave the living room an entirely new look.

When the kitchen portion was complete, the space was vastly more open and anyone standing at the stove could easily visit with those in the living room.

Finished kitchen – no more half wall.

As you can see, the kitchen remodel also involved new sinks and counter tops, and some fresh cabinetry. The cabinets themselves had a dated look, and this new color and design really modernized the cooking area.

If you’ve been considering a similar update to your kitchen, living room, or any other room that feels cramped, we would love to help you explore that vision!