Metallic Finishes in Decor

Recent design trends have brought golden metal back to the forefront of interior design and accent pieces. Where nickel-finish has largely ruled the game for the last few years, the trend to see shiny golden accents is a relatively new resurgence.

So what’s the difference? And how do you choose? And how do I incorporate the new golden finishes with my nickel ones?

First, let’s look at the options.

  • Chrome — which is a silver metallic finish that is shiny and reflects light. The positive is that it’s resistant to corrosion and rust. The downside is it easily shows fingerprints and water drops.
  • Nickel — another silver metallic that is available in both brushed and polished finishes. The brushed quality is dull, but gives it a lovely elegance and adds a hint of warmth. The positive is that it’s very stylish, isn’t super expensive, and works with all kinds of decor. Polished nickel has the same stylish and affordability factors, but like chrome, it can show usage, and it also requires a bit more maintenance than chrome.
  • Bronze — this metallic finish is warm and varies in color. It works well with a variety of decors, especially those that need a warmer, more aged look. The pros of this finish is that it doesn’t show fingerprints or water spots. The downside is that this finish carries a higher price point.
  • Brass — this metallic finish is perfect for those who are looking for a gold finish. It offers a luxurious aesthetic that works well with a variety of decors and is beautifully available in both polished and satin finishes.

Now — how do you choose? Much depends on the look of your decor, and Kelly Lael, as the interior design expert of Lael Homes, can easily help guide through the myriad of options.

And the great news is that mixed metals are no longer taboo! It’s encouraged as a way to invite additional texture and interest to a decor! And the rules for mixing metals pretty much boil down to these:

  1. Don’t overdo it.
  2. Be creative and use it in unexpected ways.
  3. Choose metals that complement your decor.

Questions? Ask Kelly! She’s happy to help guide you on the perfect way to bring mixed metals into your home!

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