Which Kinds of Kitchen Remodels Add Home Value?

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Sometimes a homeowner wants to do a remodel primarily to add space or function to a kitchen, regardless of how it affects the home’s value. After all, if it improves your life, it’s worth it.

But it’s understandable to see a kitchen remodel as an investment, and then be asking which types of kitchen remodels ultimately add the most value.

Our experience has been that if your kitchen is over 20 years old, many of the materials are probably approaching the end of their useful life. That can include counter tops, cabinets, and especially flooring. When that’s the case, a kitchen remodel will definitely add value to the home since selling it with an outdated kitchen is harder.

Here’s an overview of some kitchen remodel ideas that can add value.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Remodels That Add Value

Remodeling your kitchen cabinets is a wonderful opportunity to make your everyday tasks simpler. Often we begin by asking homeowners what types of cooking and other activities they tend to do, as well as how many people usually cook in the kitchen at once.

That can go a long way toward informing the types of materials and designs that would be ideal.

Here are a few examples of these niceties that also add value:

  • Touchless technology on faucets and trash receptacles
  • Roll out trays and mixer stands (that can be easily tucked back away)
  • Higher end cabinets

Those are all things that, when selling your homes, prospective buyers will stop and take notice of when browsing the kitchen. When other houses they’ve looked at don’t have these things, those are very much a draw in favor of your home because they speak to modern, updated design and convenience.

(Not to mention that the assumption can follow that a homeowner that would add these things probably takes great care of the rest of the home, which helps.)

We never recommend going cheap on cabinets.

Even brand new cabinets that are poorly made can work against the home’s value, or at the very least add nothing to the value to justify their own cost.

Antimicrobial Counter Tops

These days counter top surfaces that resist microbial build up are increasingly popular — far more so than laminate and Corian counter tops of the past.

This is another area where the upgrade will make prospective buyers stop and take notice.

The top material when it comes to antimicrobial counter top materials is quartz, no doubt.

Not only is quartz hard and durable, but it comes in a variety of options to suit all budgets.

Homeowners planning on selling their home in the near future are usually best off buying the entry-level quartz options because they will still look nice and serve as a selling point with less investment. The value created is often higher for that reason.

This type of kitchen remodel checks the boxes of modern and high-end look and can be pretty affordable.

For homeowners not looking to sell their home, luxury design quartz counter tops can make more sense because of the flexibility in look, premium finish, and personal appeal.

Don’t forget that when you’re replacing your counter tops you’ll also need to look at new sinks to fit.

That’s an opportunity to incorporate some of the faucet ideas mentioned above. But even if you don’t opt for touchless designs on the faucets, make sure to select faucets of a quality level that makes sense for your counter tops.

Creating A Focal Point With A Luxury Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are often sought after anyway, but there’s a little trick you can use with an island to enhance the room on a budget.

With some room designs you can get away with entry level cabinets to cut costs, and opt for a premium quartz top kitchen island. The fact that the island is such a focal point of the room and features premium materials elevates the rest of the kitchen.

In this way the island is the main investment, but the entire kitchen benefits from it without having to use higher end materials on the cabinets. (If you can match the island top to the counters, all the better.)

Specialized Kitchen Appliance Upgrades

Similar to the concepts above, there are a few types of cooking appliances that are popular right now. A few of them that also add appeal/value to the home include:

  • Convection ovens
  • Range options that offer AirFry or Speed Cooking options (built in)
  • Stoves modeled to look like professional models at affordable price points
  • Premium dishwashers with modern features and cleaning cycles

Specially after COVID-19, more families have been opting to eat at home. Even after things began to open up, a lot of homeowners we talk to find those habits are still largely in place.

With people eating home more often, the feel of the kitchen and its amenities matters perhaps more than ever. These ideas help to create that feeling and improves the experience of anyone who spends time in the kitchen regularly.

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