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Beautiful kitchen remodel with hardwood floors

For the discerning homeowner in Clemmons and Winston Salem areas of NC, Lael Homes has consistently forged successful partnerships through our dedication to openness and quality work. Each home is a show piece everyone involved is proud of, and a big part that begins with honest conversations that paint a full picture.

Our pledge as your kitchen remodeling contractor is that you can count on us to:

  • Hear your vision and make straightforward recommendations that will best suit your goals and budget without cutting corners.
  • Our estimates anticipate all elements of the job to avoid mid-project surprises or delays.
  • We show up on time, we clean up after ourselves, and we’re here for you as a resource from planning to the finish.
  • We use quality materials built to last, and we stake our reputation on our workmanship.
  • As a general contractor, we’re current on all modern building codes and permit procedures
Kitchen remodel after shot by an experienced contractor

Remodels As A Viable Alternative To Moving

Kitchen remodels are in demand right now, particularly with the housing market shortages. Many folks have seen tremendous value in upgrading their existing homes to suit their families’ needs rather than brave the unpredictability of the new home market.

Real estate prices have gone through the roof. This can be great if you’re looking to sell, but also makes the buying part trickier for where you end up next.

An alternative is to allocate some of the budget that would’ve gone into a new house into home improvements that add real value. That way you can sell down the road when the market is more stable, get more out of your home even then, and have a far easier time finding a new home in Clemmons or Winston Salem at a price that makes sense.

In many ways, that’s the real value of an experienced general contractor.

Remodel Contractors Can Help With Far More Than Just Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Often people think that home remodels are only feasible in larger homes with equally significant budgets. However, as a recent project we completed in Winston Salem (to great effect) demonstrates, smaller homes can be meaningfully transformed as well.

Kitchen remodeling projects often indeed involve custom cabinets and counters, but can also be far more extensive. Changing plumbing, electrical, removing or altering walls, and repurposing rooms can all have a dramatic effect on the feel and function of the home.

Wall removal remodel featured shot

Our experience with interior design (as a kitchen designer in this case) means we can make modern, beautiful recommendations for any part of a remodel you’re not sure about.

New cabinets, for instance, are as much about function as aesthetic. There are new designs that might surprise you with how much they can change about your kitchen experience.

Maybe you know you want to modernize an older home so it doesn’t look so dated, but it’s not clear to you where to begin. Or perhaps you feel a kitchen or adjacent space is too small and aren’t sure how to resolve that.

From new appliances to an entirely new kitchen, choosing the right contractor in good standing is the ideal first step. Lael Homes has been a helpful partner to every homeowner we’ve worked with

We can develop a plan together and give you a clear path forward.

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