Easy Home Renovations to Help Age in Place

A home is a place of safety, contentment, enjoyment, and sanctuary to most folks. It’s the place you can kick back, relax, and just be you.

Is it the place you want to stay as you retire? For the majority of people, that would be a resounding ‘Yes!’ Unless medically necessary, most people prefer to stay in their homes as they age. In fact, statistics indicate that for the over 60-year-old population, more than 80% feel they can and will remain in their homes.

Will some modifications be necessary to achieve that goal of staying in your home? Perhaps. Most adjustments are relatively easy to implement and can make ones’ home much more convenient and safe. What are some suggestions?

Think Safety

About 80% of falls in the home occur in the bathroom according to research. By updating bathrooms with handholds in the tub or shower and installing non-skid strips in the tub, falls can be avoided.

  • Also, install handholds at the toilet and sink areas.
  • Install safety rails for all stairways and entrances.
  • Update walkways and driveways to eliminate cracks. Repair loose steps or stepping-stones.
  • Remove loose rugs and tripping hazards.
  • Install additional lighting as needed for interior and exterior safety. Install timer lighting and/or nightlights to prevent nighttime falls.
  • Keep appliances, etc. in good working order.

Think Convenience

Ensure the kitchen cabinets are set-up for ease of reach to avoid using stepstools as much as possible. Perhaps it’s time to reorganize cabinets so that frequently used items are closer at hand.

  • Move seldom used or holiday items to the higher shelves and ask for help in getting them down as needed.
  • Update storage areas and pantries with pullout shelving making it easier to get to things in the back without stretching or twisting your back.
  • Relocating the master bedroom to the main floor is an excellent idea. Perhaps it’s as simple as switching a guestroom or kid’s room to upstairs and turning that space into a master suite.
  • Moving a laundry room to the main floor is also a good idea, avoiding carrying baskets or clothes up and downstairs.

With updates and safety features in place, you not only have a home that is updated, but you also have a home that suits you at any stage of life. So, relax and enjoy your newly remodeled home. Home is where the heart is!
For information on how Lael Homes can help you age in place with updates to your home, please reach out to Kelly@LaelHomes.com.