Cutting a Rug in 2020

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Flooring is a big deal to homeowners, and while durability, dependability, function, and wear and tear are critical to the selection process. Homeowners love the softness that area rugs provide. In 2020, there are some beautifully unique rugs that are making their way to showrooms.

Natural Fibers

Jute and wool are popular options because they offer both beauty and durability. While jute, especially, has been noted for outdoor use, recent manufacturing improvements have given these fiber rugs a softer quality making them ideal for indoor use as well.


While wall-to-wall carpeting can look dated, designers are using layered area rugs over carpet in order to add texture and interest to the room.

Earth Tones and Neutral Colors

Monochromatic colors and patterns are growing in popularity in 2020, replacing the bolder and brighter colors and patterns of recent years.

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are well-made, affordable, and beautiful, so it’s no wonder that people love the artisanal look of these rugs.


The chevron patterns continue to please because its a pattern that plays so nicely with other patterns (florals, striped, animal print, etc.)

Vintage Fade

You know what they say — old always becomes new again! And the current trend of vintage looking rugs packs a powerful punch! With the perfect fade, these vintage-inspired rugs pair beautifully with modern and contemporary furniture and certainly keep things interesting!

At Lael Homes, we work with a number of rug wholesalers to offer our clients the perfect area rugs for their space. Let’s talk about the options!

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