Bathroom Remodelers in Lewisville, NC

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Lael Homes brings the power of an experienced builder/remodeler along with an interior designer via a husband and wife team, the results of which have spoken for themselves for decades.

Our portfolio of seamless remodels has been possible because of our ability to expertly assess our clients’ visions, anticipate potential snags, and execute on comprehensive plans that leave no last minute punch lists.

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Your Lewisville, NC Premier Remodeling Neighbor

We’re based in Clemmons, which we have called our home for many years.

Because we are also custom home builders, we have the experience to handle any type of remodel project. Contrary to the way this industry is occasionally oversimplified, we are not simply cabinet resellers.

The Lewisville, NC area is one with a beautiful, small town history. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing cities in Forsyth county. The friendly community atmosphere and ample pedestrian walkways have been a big draw since the town’s incorporation in 1991.

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Since many homes in Lewisville are multi-generational, remodels are popular as families expand.

Sometimes those remodels are to upgrade bathroom storage or sinks, but other times they include adding entirely new bathrooms to a home, say on a second floor that didn’t previously have one.

We’ve even worked with clients that wanted backyard guest houses constructed or upgraded.

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